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Even hyper-active, tech, legal geeks need to pause for a moment to ponder all that there is to be Thankful for. I am thankful, in the global sense, for my family, friends, health, and happiness. In the Studio-relevant sense, I am thankful for the means to stay up to date on my subject and the venue to share my interests with you. I am thankful that there are readers out there like you (yes, YOU) who take the time to to read my words and hopefully learn something new and maybe even push you on a slightly different trajectory than you may have been riding prior to our encounter here. I am also thankful that there seems to be a never-ending supply of subject matter on my topic of legal / tech due to the tireless efforts of very creative innovators who are constantly pushing the envelope with new tools and discoveries.

I hope all who celebrate the holiday have a happy and safe time of it. I hope that all who do not celebrate the holiday still take a moment to remember all there there is to be thankful for.

With kindest regards,

Martha – The Advocate

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