Unbelievable! "Twitter" Wins!

Last week, I reported that “unfriend” had been named the Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year. This week, I bring you the most popular English language word of the year: “Twitter”! That’s right, that silly little micro-blogging service the masses had nary a use for two years ago is now the Top Word, per the Gobal Language Monitor.

While it seems a tad quaint, this really is big news. Last year’s word was “change”, a la President Obama’s election campaign slogan. Obviously, Twitter-ing is on the minds and in the hearts of enough people to propel the word itself to super-stardom.

Are you on Twitter? Maybe you should be, particularly if you are interested in hearing the conversation and making yourself heard in the new forum of ideas. There can be no doubt that social media is captivating us. Can you afford not to listen?


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