So Long,, It’s Been Real

For well over a year now, I have relied upon and have greatly loved my quaint, little home here at It has been much like living in a gated community of condominiums, each with its own little terrace or deck and monthly maintenance (free!) taken care of by the benevolent management group. It has been a stable, safe ride, for which I will ever be grateful.

But is time to move on, with or without the loaded six-string on my back.

Over the weekend, as part of my major on-line overhaul, I moved my young blog over to its own home, with its own yard to play in. I decked it out with some nice landscaping, plenty of yard toys and nice furnishings inside. With the “help” (ulp!) of my new host, I am taking on the maintenance responsibilities in exchange for the flexibility of home ownership. I am hoping it is a positive trade-off.

In any event, Advocate’s Studio’s new home is at the aptly-named To reflect my undying love for cool, flashy gadgets like my iPhone, the new theme is iPhone-like, and the new mobile theme is even more iPhone-like. I am, of course, first and foremost, a geek. Please feel free to come by and visit, and I would LOVE to hear what you think. Is it an improvement? Any constructive suggestions or criticisms? Go ahead, I can take it! If you don’t have the time to visit right now, feel free to subscribe to the new feed (I really hope you do!) at this link right here. Within a few days, the good stuff will be flowing right into your reader again and you won’t have to miss a word!

Cheers, toodles, tata and Ciao! Thanks, for the memories!


Welcome To My New Home!

Welcome MatWelcome, welcome, welcome! Here it is, the new home of Advocate’s Studio. I got some space, spiffed things up a bit, and I am ready for the business of doggedly reporting on all things law, tech and research-worthy! What do you think? Since I am a benevolent dictator, I welcome all feedback, positive and negative. I definitely would be pleased to have you subscribe to my new feed at the button on the right. And stay tuned for more of what Advocate’s Studio does best – bringing you the business tech, one post at a time!