Welcome To My New Home!

Welcome MatWelcome, welcome, welcome! Here it is, the new home of Advocate’s Studio. I got some space, spiffed things up a bit, and I am ready for the business of doggedly reporting on all things law, tech and research-worthy! What do you think? Since I am a benevolent dictator, I welcome all feedback, positive and negative. I definitely would be pleased to have you subscribe to my new feed at the button on the right. And stay tuned for more of what Advocate’s Studio does best – bringing you the business tech, one post at a time!


5 comments on “Welcome To My New Home!

  1. The new site looks great, Martha! Much easier to read than the old one, what with the black text on the white background. I'm glad to see you transferred all of your old posts, too. Are you going to delete the WordPress blog eventually? What blog software are you running your new blog on?

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  3. I definitely feel it is more readable. The old one had bugged me for a long time but, as with most things, it took me a while to deal with it. 😉 I am still using a WordPress platform, but it is now the WP software on my own hosted site, so I have full WP functionality, which is much more flexible than wordpress.com. I won't actually delete the old site, as I am hoping historical readers may come back and see that I have moved and join me here. I won't be adding posts to the old site anymore, though.


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