The Google 12-Step Program

I think this post at MakeUseOf by Abhigyan is FANTASTIC! Do you spend far too much of your precious time using a Google-based application, tool, or service? Consider the great alternatives for many of Google’s best-loved applications listed in the link above. From Zoho mail, to Mixin for Calendar, from the KartOO metasearch engine to Scribblar in lieu of Wave, from BlogBridge for reading RSS to EyeOS docs and spreadsheets. Consider Navteq’s Map24 instead of Google Maps and PicFindr instead of Google Images. Free Translator can stand in for Google Translate, while JustPaste.It serves for Google Notebook. What a great comprehensive list of alternatives tested out for you by the fine folk at MakeUseOf! Hit the jump above to see screenshots of the apps and more detail on how and how well they work.

Do you have any favorite Google substitutes? Please share them in the comments!


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