Introducing: Wait For It, Mobile App of the Day!

If yesterday’s stats on social media and mobile usage didn’t convince, maybe the first hand experience of watching everyone around you tapping on their mobile devices will. Or maybe ATT’s perennial network problems might persuade you that everyone is going mobile.

I have been getting loads of questions about mobile apps lately. So I thought it might be a good idea to start a new blog devoted to mobile applications. Without further ado, please welcome the newly-minted Mobile App Of The Day!

I do a lot of reviewing on such apps here in the Studio, but they are mostly iPhone applications and all have some connection to business use. The new blog will highlight cool apps covering a broader range of uses and will not be limited to any particular platform. Also, because mobile users are “on the go”, these will be quick, light photo blog entries with short descriptions. All apps will be ones that I personally use or that have been heavily reviewed and that I want to start using. Hopefully it will serve as a discovery tool for you as well. Initially, I am going to limit the entries to weekdays, but if there is enough interest, I might expand to weekend days as well.

Mobile App of the Day is hosted on Tumblr (link here) will have its own Twitter feed @mobileappofday so you can either follow on Tumblr or subscribe to @mobileappofday updates on Twitter. Or both!

If you are interested in particular kinds of apps, please feel free to put a comment to this post here in the Studio and I will set about finding and reviewing the goods!

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