Automating Your Editing

Editing seems one of those skills better left to a human, at least for the final pass-through stage. But even a human can overlook important grammatical errors, particularly if that human’s bleeding eyes have made too many passes over the work and the caffeine is on its way out of the system.

Can’t hurt to make use of a robot as another failsafe. Enter Paperrater (link here).

Paperraater is a free web service that checks your work for grammatical and spelling errors and plagiarism issues. Simply paste the text into the web editor, specify the type of paper, and receive back a detailed examination of the work, complete with feedback on originality, vocabulary, style, corrections for misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and word choice. Paperrater will also supply tips and examples for improving the masterpiece.

Worried about the source of these suggestions? Apparently, the Paperrater app has been developed by linguistics professionals and graduate students, presumably in relevant areas of study.

Very, very interesting.

Hat tip to MakeUseOf.


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