Remobo: Create Your Own Social, Private Network

Ever wanted to be your own system administrator and social director? Well, there IS an app for that, too. Remobo (link here) allows you to plug your social circle into its own private network (instant private network = IPN), that operates as a private computer network. It works on Macs, PCs, and Linux-based systems. Simply log into the app and add users to a buddy list. Remobo will then create an IPN into which you can remotely log in and access your computer and files will on the go, privately share large files from your computer with members of your list, run games, secure instant messaging, video conferencing and streaming media.  It essentially creates a VPN for free.

Remobo highlights what makes it distinctive – from the site:

Zero-Configuration: just install it and you are ready to go! No messy system configurations, network settings, or firewall issues to deal with.

Easy-to-Use: access any computer in your list securely from anywhere in the world! Just download and install.

Secure: all data is encrypted and private so no one else can see it. Absolutely NO spyware or adware of any kind!

Fast: Remobo tries to create a direct, peer-to-peer connection between your computers for the fastest speed.

Flexible: comes with remote desktop access, file sharing & VPN capabilities built in, but you can also run virtually any 3rd party application on top of it.

FREE: unlike other remote desktop access and VPN applications, Remobo is completely free to download and use.

Remobo is indeed promising a lot for free, leaving me wondering where the catch is. I haven’t yet personally tried it so I cannot comment on how effective, efficient and secure it is. Nonetheless, it is an interesting concept and likely worth investigating, if not for your business, then perhaps for your family and friends.


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