Command Your E-Life By Voice

Now this is a great concept. Draft emails or text messages or update Twitter or Facebook with your voice.  Voice On The Go (link here) is a paid service that allows you to command these functions by cell phone, landline or Skype. You also can listen to email, thus taking away the incentive to engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel. Access your contacts and manipulate your calendar by phone. Make it so, Number One!

While there are applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, there is no software to download and, from accounts, it appears quite easy to set up. The mobile apps sync with your on-line account and make it easier to use. VOTG  essentially offers voice control expanded beyond the basic capabilities of your phone to include most any task you might be tempted to use your hands for while driving.

Most types of email are supported, up to four total accounts. For corporate users, Outlook Web Access can be used. There is also an enterprise version. VOTG works with any wireless service. You will have to upload or enter contacts information, which might be an issue for those wary of the potential privacy issue. Their site explains their security and data encryption methods if you are concerned. Email is not push but timed, so there could be a delay in receipt of your audio.  It works with a wide variety of languages.

The monthly fee for use is $5.99. There are other pricing options, so check their applications for more information.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t yet tried this service, so I can’t really comment on how effective it is. Reviews, however, are generally positive. If you are a mobile user that would value the ability to safely multitask by voice, Voice On The Go may be the way to go.