Play With Office Docs On iPhone – Free

There are iPhone applications that allow you to manipulate MS Office docs on your iPhone, but they tend to fall into the “getting-on-expensive” side for the average iPhone application. If you want to get down with your docs but don’t want to drop between $10-$20 in the process, try Office2 Plus (link here). It’s Free!

Office2 Plus works with Word and Excel files. Access local files, Google Docs files or files shared on your MobileMe iDisk. While the editing tools are fairly minimal, they hit most of the usual functions one might require most of the time. Remember, this is iPhone editing we are talking about.

The app is optimized for Office 97 – 2003. If you need to read a 2007 file, it is doable but not attractively formatted. On the other hand, Office2 Plus also includes a PDF viewer – nice addition!

While there may be applications out there with more features, you simply cannot beat the price! Office doc manipulation on the go, without impacting your wallet. Excellent combination.


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