Smart Tools Are Free Tools

If you hadn’t already noticed, I am always sniffing out cool tools on the Web. I am particularly fond of free ones. That is why I jumped all over this great guest article by Lifehacker writer Adam Pash over at PCWorld, titled 19 Freebies for Smart Web Browsing, Social Networking (link here). There were quite a few I actually hadn’t yet heard of. Not all were exciting, but a few of my favs are listed here. Or hit the jump above to get the full list.

I like CeeVee (link here), an online resume builder. There are tools to share it with Twitter, Facebook or a custom web address.

Lazarus (link here) is a Firefox add-on that records your key strokes. This is particularly useful when blogging in your on-line editor and you find yourself without an undo function. Just right click and hit Recover Text.

Mailbrowsr (link here) offers great added functionality to Gmail. It is a beta Firefox and IE add-on. Offers Calendar integration and organizational filters lacking from the basic application.

My Brainshark (link here) allows you to add audio to a PowerPoint presentation by simply uploading your slidedeck, calling a special number and talking.

Use Outsync (link here) to incorporate Facebook photos with your Outlook contacts. And manage Twitter from Outlook with Twinbox (link here).

Handle two Twitter feeds at once with SplitTweet (link here). Allows basic functionality and search across multiple accounts.

This should keep you busy for a little while. Have fun!


4 comments on “Smart Tools Are Free Tools

  1. Out of all them, I liked the My Brainshark site the best. Pretty cool. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm totally addicted now.

  2. Hey, you ever think of doing any cross-posting on other blogs? I have a pretty popular blog and I’d love to have you do a guest post on my blog.

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