Hands On With LawToGo's iPhone Treasury Regulations (Plus Offer)

Way back in July, I reviewed LawToGo’s iPhone app. It provides a searchable database of Internal Revenue Code sections (link here). This week, I am playing around with LawToGo’s new app – Treasury Regulations, iPhone-style (link here). DISCLAIMER: I got a free code to try this out, but don’t worry, you can too – read to the end.

Jade Nile, LLC is the developer. The 13.4 megabyte file holds every Treasury regulation you might ever find yourself needing, but it loads fairly quickly. Brand-spanking new Version 1.0 is up to date with regs as of April 1, 2009. The application is searchable by keyword and simple Boolean connectors “AND” and “OR” and word spread. It is loaded locally, so there is no issue as far as connection when you need to pull a reg.

The layout and functions are quite similar to LTG’s IRC app and this app supports landscape mode. The opening screen quickly flashes by to reveal the search box and a scroll wheel for pulling by section number if you know it.

I tried my hand at keyword searching some regs.  I found that the broader the search, the faster the result. Adding  keywords and connectors added a sizable number of seconds Sometimes, the app showed a tendency to dump out if I added more than two keywords.

The search results are listed serially by number. Keywords are highlighted in yellow, which helps me immensely.

If you click on one result, you can then scroll to nearby sections using the arrows. Hit the plus key to add to bookmarks and send the section by email when you hit the email key. Wait until you are finished searching and reading to hit the email key, though, or add your section by bookmark – reentry into the app always starts at the default search screen without saving your last search.  Note to developer: keep the user’s last search result in the search entry box until manually cleared by the user.

You also can look through the list of regulations by parts as they appear in the volumes. Clicking on a part takes you into subparts and so on. You can always access tips by hitting the help key.

LTG’s Treasury Regs app fills a narrow niche, but definitely serves as a useful, tool for practioners needing this information in a handy form. As Jocelyn from LawToGo explained:

The inspiration came from hauling the Code and Regulations with me to meetings. As is always the case, any time I didn’t carry these weighty books with me would be the one time I needed them the most.  According to Amazon, the shipping weight of the Code and Regulations is 24.8 lbs. Fun if you have Lou Ferrigno helping you out, but not fun when you’re rushing to a meeting with coffee in hand or on vacation and a client calls.

So, here is Law ToGo’s boolean searchable solution. There are a lot of neat tweaks that improve on the Code version, and will be implemented in the next version of the Code app.

The main, or at least most meaningful, tweak is the boolean search functionality. When it works, it certainly helps.

I haven’t confirmed the complete scope of this application – I recommend that you contact LawToGo for more information on that point.

The app is not inexpensive: be prepared to shell out $18.99 for the convenience. But, if you send me an email at my contact page, I will give out two coupon codes, one to each of the first two responders. Thanks, Jocelyn!

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