The Power of Media in the Modern Age

Only in the modern age can a fan produce an ode to a product that is better than anything the company has come up with to date (despite the power of a massive ad budget behind it), have it go viral and gain instant, seemingly overnight attention. Such stories smack of the same Horatio Alger myth that powered our rags to riches dreams over a century ago.

Moral here? If you have something to say, say it – chances are, someone will hear you on the Web.

I love Palm, I really do. Hire this guy.


7 comments on “The Power of Media in the Modern Age

  1. Right, as usual, Chris. I always like to think the best of people, assuming common sense will prevail until proven otherwise. Reality is, it’s not always the case.


  2. As an attorney, I am constantly reminded to think better of people. I sometimes forget that just because what I see all the time are risks does not mean that risks are all that are out there.

  3. You can probably guess what kind of triggers go off in the mind of an insurance attorney when the word "risk" comes up. LOL! Hard to avoid the paranoia.

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