It's Easter. Supeep Court's in Session.

I have a new tradition. Much like viewing light displays at Christmas, Easter is fast becoming my time of year to admire the handywork of artists such as Frank Salamone. Mr. Salamone’s medium is the sugar-encrusted marshmallows more commonly known as Peeps. His subject is the Supreme Court. Match made in heaven? You decide:

As explained by Mr. Salamone over at the ABA Journal site:

“I knew I wanted to do something to touch on the rock star status afforded Justice Sotomayor, and nothing screams ‘celebrity’ like a red carpet, a huge star and pipe-cleaner shades.”

Can you find Justice Scalia?

You really need to hit this link (here) and see the rest of the masterpieces. Before they get snarfed up.

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