Absorbing the iPhone OS 4 Liveblog

And I am seeing some amazing stuff: multitasking done right, folders to hold your apps, a unified inbox for all of your email accounts, iBooks, new Enterprise features, a Game Center (whaat?) and all sorts of tweaks that will make the iPhone even more of a work horse for both work and play. Coming this summer to the masses and coming right now to a developer near you! Stay tuned – as an avid iPhone fan, I will have to be back to give you more goods on the new goods!

Gizmodo live blog link here.


Search PDFs & eBooks via Live PDF (and Google & Bing)

With new content consumption devices popping up faster than you can spell “i-P-a-d”, you surely will need some content to consume. How about a search engine for PDFs and eBooks. Live PDF (link here) lets you query Google or Bing (although not at the same time) via a single search interface for PDFs and eBooks on any topic. Your results will take you straight to the downloadable content, where you can whisk it from the ether into your internet-enabled reading device.

There are no filters, categories, sorting options or any other form of data / search manipulation tools on the page, but you can view the last 10 searches! Here is to hoping that one of the previous ten visitors was looking up stuff on the semantic Web!

Thanks, MakeUseOf!

Speak Like A Native With The Web As Your Guide

Almost too beautiful to be true. Forvo (link here) is a web tool offering hundreds of thousands of words and their pronunciations from more than 200 languages. How cool is that? A word may have several different suggested recorded pronunciations and, in true wiki style, you can add your own suggested pronunciation. Community voting pushes the best options to the top. You also can ask for assistance from another Forvo member who natively speaks your desired language. There are almost 60,000 users and 200 editors. There are tabs for categories, pronunciations, languages and users, as well as a tag cloud to help you find what you are looking for. Social, (semi)scholarly and crowdsourced! Check out the languages included in the recent pronunciations box:

You just never know what you’ll find. Hat tip to ResearchBuzz.