Black's Law Dictionary Goes iPad

It was bound to happen. That venerable tome that is frequently offered as a gift to 1L’s everywhere is now making its iPad debut! West’s Legal Current blog announced the introduction of Black’s Law Dictionary for iPad yesterday (link here).

Other than a bigger screen view and book-like imaging, it does not appear to offer much beyond the iPhone / iPod Touch version introduced about a year ago and discussed in the Studio (link here). But, if you are a lawyer on an iPad and are looking to expand your uses of the device, you may be interested in this $49.95 application.

Interestingly, the print version is already up to the Ninth Edition, while the iPad version lags behind at the Eighth Edition. The sacrifices we make for technology.

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4 comments on “Black's Law Dictionary Goes iPad

  1. Cool…but it wouldn’t be very West-like if it was the most current edition! Commendable all the same, though.

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