How To Get Your Content Noticed On Facebook

It’s time to talk content publication! You put your time, brainpower and typing skills to their highest purpose when you draft pleadings, briefs, memoranda, and professional articles. You want more than just opposing counsel and the presiding judge to bask in your brilliance.

JD Supra is the very best, legally-minded content publication tool out there.  It takes hardly any effort at all to avail yourself of their vast, distribution machinery and built-in network. And your basic participation is free!

Posting to JD Supra itself is nice, but why not take your publication a step further? Did you know that you could install a mini version of JD Supra right on your Facebook profile or business page? You do now. By installing the application on Facebook, your uploads to JD Supra are automatically streamed into Facebook without you lifting a finger. What’s that  –  you don’t know how to do it? Well, read on, while I explain just how easy it is to plant your content in fertile soil.

1.     Mini Feed or Full Feed

There are two formatting options for the application, mini feed and full feed. Full feed creates a tabbed option along with your info, notes, photos, etc. When you click on the “Documents” tab, your full JD Supra feed will show, along with your JD Supra profile information. Mini feed shows a short list of the latest three documents. You can install it in your tabs or in your info “boxes” along the left side of your profile / page. Certainly consider both feeds if you want to maximize the impact of your content.

So, how to begin.

2.     Create a JD Supra Profile

First, you need a JD Supra profile. Head over to their web page and sign up (link here)– it’s free! Upload a few choice documents.

3. Install the Facebook Application on Your Profile

Then, head on over to the JD Supra application page in Facebook (link here). At the top left, you will see a navigation button that takes you to the application.

Give the application permission to access your Facebook profile and interact with your JD Supra profile and enter any necessary log-in information. Then select the Mini Feed, Full Feed or both.

To add the Mini, simply click the button on the app page to place the feed on your “Wall and Info Tab” pages or your “Boxes Tab”, then give permission to JD Supra to publish to the wall or stream. For the Full, go to your profile page and click the   sign that appears on the right hand side of your profile tabs. Select from the drop-down menu the “Documents” option. If it isn’t showing, type in “JD Supra” in the “search available tabs” box.

4. Create a Business Page and Install the App There Too

Do you have a business page? If not, click here and make one now! Do you want to add the application to your business page? Remember the graphic above that shows the navigation button to the application? Right below that button is a clickable link “add to my page.” When you click on that link, you will get a pop-up box asking you to identify the page you to install the application on (if you have more than one page, it will show all of your pages).

Select your page, and then navigate over there to make the proper settings. Just below you page profile picture is a clickable link to edit your settings:

Click on Edit Page. Then scroll down to your applications list and find the JD Supra application.

There, you can authorize JD Supra to stream your documents into Facebook. You also can edit settings, such as adding a box or tab or both to your business page and publishing one-line stories to your Wall. Once you are finished, navigate back to your wall and follow the same instructions noted above for making your full feed tab and mini feed box visible to the public. And you are good to go!

One of the aspects I really love about JD Supra is that they do all the leg-work for you – all you have to do is upload content you have already created! I like to think of it as repurposing and recycling, with JD Supra manning the recycling center. And Facebook isn’t the only way to move your JD Supra content around the web: check out their voluminous list (link here) of feeds, pages, widgets and email digests tailored to topical categories for presentation to an interested audience. And, of course, their iPhone application (link here).

What’s not to love?


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