Google Helps You Help Yourself – To The Cloud

How convenient! Have you or your enterprise wondered whether it made any sense (and cents) to look to the skies for your computing needs? The ever-helpful Google has released a “calculator” tool that should provide some insight on what going cloud might mean for your particular situation. Google’s main cloud offering, Apps, is gaining steam and Google wants you to see for yourself why Apps might be the answer. Sounding very much like the brainchild of a mad scientist, the Go Google Cloud Calculator (link) offers a test drive in the cloud. View the demo and then use the tool to create a custom URL (link), presentation PDF(link), spreadsheet (link) or even a poster (link) that you can share with other decision makers within your business as you discuss going Google.  Hit the calculator (link) here, and read more at the Officla Google Blog (link) here.


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