ADA Code. For iDevice.

Bracketing today with two legal i-Apps, the open bracket being Court Room Objections for the iPhone, I present you with the closing bracket – the ADA Code for iPhone and iPad! I am all about brackets during the World Cup.

I was browsing the App store for interesting new releases and stumbled on these. The iPhone version was released on June 5, and the iPad version was released yesterday.

ADA iPhone App Screen Shot

The apps are simple enough: there is a searchable version of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended in 2008, becoming effective January 1, 2009. And nothing more. The iPhone version costs $.99, while the iPad version weighs in at $1.99. Probably because the latter application offers a split screen view, with the sequential section headings in the left column and specific section text in the right.

ADA iPad App Screen Shot

Again, while these apps certainly are specialized, I can think of more than one practice area that could benefit from quick access to the ADA.

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