Court Room Objections On Your iPhone

Saw this interesting app reviewed over at Jeffrey Richardson’s excellent iPhone JD blog (link here) and thought I would share it directly with Studio readers. It’s called Courtroom Objections, and is the creation of Texas attorney Anthony Shorter. The app, which sells for $2.99, lists the types of objections one might find oneself needing at trial, broken down by those as to admissibility and those as to form. The lists of specific objections are fairly lengthy. When you click on an objection, the app offers suggested objection wording and background explanation as to why you can make the objection.

While it may not be the most comprehensive option out there, I have to applaud Attorney Shorter for packaging his work in such a user-friendly, portable package. We are seeing more and more detailed and specific legal applications, leaving no doubt in my mind that smart phones are more than just a tech diversion for lawyers.

Hit the link above for more detail and screenshots.


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