Winning The Game

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We interrupt this normally very serious legal tech blog for a life lesson. Or, more aptly stated, for any-excuse-to-watch-this-amazing-game-capper video again. With the hopes of a nation (plus a few more) heaped high on their backs, the clock ticking furiously away, the red white and blue painted faces of the fans at Loftus Versfeld Stadium looking very forlorn and lost, the U.S. Men’s National Team didn’t cave, didn’t fold, didn’t give up and go home, even after the 90 minutes of regulation play saw them facing yet another disallowed goal, a blatant, ignored red card-worthy and blood-inducing foul in the box and countless slightly-off scoring opportunities missed by a hair. Instead, in the first minute or so of stoppage time, that tiny cushion that signals the bitter end of the match, fans were treated to this. Enjoy and remember, never give up:

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