Lock Down Your Email

If you suddenly find yourself needing secure email, don’t worry – head over to Encrypt Easy (link here), a software purveyor that offers a free web service for encrypting email using the Blowfish algorithm. It couldn’t be easier: select a password for your email, type your message into the Web editor, then select “encrypt”, “decrypt” or “clear.” Give out the password to the desired recipient, and then save your message, email your message or even use it as an instant message.  

While the stripped down web service is free, it supports Encrypt Easy’s paid product: encryption software that protects private data, including files, folders and entire directory trees. The program features fast and simple one-click encryption using secure algorithms, as well as shredder and wipe-out utilities. The beauty of the software (built into the Web encrypter as well) is the fact it creates a self encrypting file, making it usable for sharing secure data with others who may not have their own encryption / decryption software.

Want to know a little more about strong passwords, the best encryption algorithms, or the whys and hows of encrypting? Check out their article links here.


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