BuzzVoice Reads the News To You

Technology provides the means for multi-tasking, there is no doubt about it. How about having your news and blogs read to you while your eyes are busy with another task? Check out BuzzVoice (link here), a free and paid Web service that collects the news and blogs that you are interested in and converts them in real time via text to speech so that you can listen to them in the car, at the doctor’s office, while waiting for your Motion to be heard in Court, etc.

BuzzVoice works on your iPhone, iPod touch, regular iPods/MP3 players, and computer, so your listening options are quite varied. But its not just listening – you can share your talking stories with friends via email and on the usual social networking haunts. Create a personalized playlist from 57 categories and over 1,600 top blogs and news sources. If you can’t find your faves, let BuzzVoice know and they will try to add them.

The free service is ad supported, with up to 20 playlist sources, ten minute daily Buzzcast episodes, BuzzRadio which streams stations of continuous content, and daily Buzz Alerts. The Pro version, $4.99 per month,  includes all of that plus 100 sources for your playlist, full 30 minute daily Buzzcasts, selectable times and voices for your Buzzcast, and no ads.

If you are a news junkie with no time, BuzzVoice might be attractive to you. And, with the ability to listen via computer and Web, iPhone or iPod Touch or MP3 player, options for consuming the news just got a lot broader.


3 comments on “BuzzVoice Reads the News To You

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  2. Martha, thanks for sharing BuzzVoice 3.0 with your community. We created it to make it faster, safer and more fun for busy people to keep up with their favorite blogs and news sites on the go. We say it's like “Pandora for news and blogs.” The new BuzzVoice 3.0 for iPhone just went live on The App Store here: We'd love to hear everyone's feedback at – or on Twitter: Thanks again,John AtkinsonBuzzVoice Co-founder & CEO

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