Manage Discovery from iPhone / iPad with iClearwell

I don’t usually chat about e-discovery tools here in the Studio, as it is a topic of conversation that could fill its own blog on a daily basis. But when e-discovery goes portable, this is news I need to talk about! Clearwell (link here) delivers a popular enterprise-class e-discovery management solution. Directed at corporations and law firms, it assists in meeting legal, regulatory, and investigative requirements in connection with document retention from a single application. And now, you can bring it with you.

iClearwell (link here) is the remote application for iPhone or iPad that allows you to interface with the main Clearwell application. While it is only of benefit to those already using Clearwell’s product, the fact that the company recognized and filled a need for remote access and control is forward-thinking, in my humble opinion. The mobile apps allow access, configuration, and views of the status of cases and servers. Remote users can manage case lists on services, monitor the status of processsing, view statistics for each case and control task execution. They can also view system or case settings, tasks and users or data sources.

iClearwell promises it is as easy to use as its main application counterpart. I have not used either, so I cannot speak to the claims of ease of use. But I do love the idea of being able to manage such heavyweight tasks on an iPad or iPhone.  Bring it on!


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