Rediscover LinkedIn & Speed Up Your Happy Accidents

Everyone’s heard of LinkedIn, right? There are more than 70 million of you out there with a LinkedIn profile. But do you ever do anything with that profile or avail yourself of the benefits that profile entails? With all the social networks and the demands on one’s Web time, LinkedIn is often forgotten among the fury of Twitter and the friend-connections and fun on Facebook. But it’s an untapped resource that should command a bit more of your attention if you have professional or business development aspirations to your Web-activity.

Check out this video – it will only take a couple minutes of your time, but presents a decent case for why you should consider spending more time on the number one professional network:

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3 comments on “Rediscover LinkedIn & Speed Up Your Happy Accidents

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  2. I think it may be that LinkedIn initially was not nearly as dynamic as the other social sites. It was easy to let it slide into disuse. But it really can be a very effective tool if tended properly.

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