Yes, this is REALLY where I am going.

It’s time here in the Studio to take my annual summer break. I am off for a week of sun, sand, and relaxation. Maybe view a gorgeous, ocean-kissed sunset. Maybe enjoy a kid-free dinner under the stars. Maybe quaff a few cocktails on the deck. Take a walk in the sand at the crack of dawn. Sit on the beach and take a nap. I might even engage in recreational reading ¬†(gasp!). In any event, I will be primarily unplugging and that means no Studio posts for about a week or so.

Hope the Internets have a lovely week. I know I am going to!


BranchOut Yields Facebook Fruit

Facebook is for friends and LinkedIn is for professional networking, right? WRONG! New service BranchOut (link here) offers means to leverage your Facebook friends on a professional level.

BranchOut is an application built on Facebook that makes it easy to locate professional information about your friends and, if they have installed the app, their friends too.

Install the app and search a company name. The results show which of your Facebook friends do work there or have worked there.

BranchOut currently is offering free job listings directly to your network for 30 days, but intends to open up job listings to everyone for $30 per month in the near future. With both professional networking connection information and job listings, this app is sounding a lot like LinkedIn, Facebook-style.

I haven’t yet tried the app, so I can’t really provide more detail than available in the Techcrunch article that broke news of the service (link here). But, if it works half as good as suggested, this sounds like a great new way to get those Facebook friend connections to bear a little fruit of the green variety.