Never Fear! Subway Wi-Fi Is Here!

Creeping beyond airports, Starbucks coffee shops and Acela trains, the New York subways will soon become wi-fi friendly. A new contractor is picking up the slack and intends to complete a wi-fi and cellular phone network within the New York subway stations and portions of the tunnels, according to Bloomberg News (link here). Full connectivity among all 277 stations is expected within 6 years.  The first six stations to be wired within the first two years of the contract include those for several trains along 14th Street at Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Avenues and at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue. Although there are no immediate plans in this regard, the contractor indicated its interest in arranging for full tunnel wiring as well.

I see a lot more stations stops missed due to Farmville tending and overly chatty riders in New York’s near future!