Sifting Twitter Links with SiftLinks

When you want the links, the whole links and nothing but the links from your Twitter follows, there is a better way to find them than simply reading your entire 500+ person Twitter stream for every post with a shortened URL. James Constable has created SiftLinks, a stripped-down application that pulls all of the links from your Twitter stream, converts them to RSS, and sends them to your feed reader of choice. Some people do not particularly like reading their “news” via RSS reader, but for those of us who do, SiftLinks is a nifty tool to futher refine your quest for newsworthy material among the flotsam and jetsam (sorry, just wanted to write those words this morning).

If you fall into the former category and REALLY want to get funky, try feeding the RSS feed full of stripped out links from your reader program back into a dedicated Twitter account. Then load Flipboard onto your iPad, add the Twitter account to your list of sources, and see all of the links displayed magazine style on your 9″ x 7″ screen. Shiny!

Hat tip on SiftLinks to Jane Hart at Jane’s Pick Of The Day (link here).


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