Cadmus Weights Your Stream

As Studio readers well know, I am attracted to any service that helps me wade, Wall-E style, through mountains of stuff to find the gems. Here is another great application to help you do just that with your social streams.

The service is called Cadmus (link here) and it “reads” your stream in order to prioritize and promote the best, most relevant material developed since your last check-in.  You log in to Cadmus with your Twitter account (via OAuth) and the resulting page will show in dimishing order of relevance the most important conversations. Conversations are grouped tweets and @replies. You can filter within this list by time, lists, trending topics, etc.

And, when I say trending topics, I don’t mean Justin Bieber. Cadmus will show trending topics among your particular follows – a presumably more “cultivated” group than the general Twitter populace, at least as far as your own personal interests lean.

Cadmus excels at culling relevant conversations and trends. It does this by tracking relationships, source importance and post importance. And it doesn’t just work for Twitter – you can apply the Cadmus algorithm to your Friendfeed stream or your RSS subscriptions. Sweet! Even sweeter – you can load Cadmus onto your iPhone with the help of iPhone app TweetAgora (link here).

Add Cadmus to your list of web tools to help cull clutter and improve your social efficiency.


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