Save Me From A Corrupt File!

C’mon, you KNOW it has happened to you. Work for hours on an important document and then BLAM! run right into a corrupt file issue. You can’t save it, you can’t open it. It’s virtually worthless and you have to do the entire thing over again, right? Wrong.

Enter Corrupt Office Text Extractor (link here) – a free web tool that will pull all the text out of your corrupt Office 2007 or later file so you at least can still access and use the meat of your document. Simply upload your document into the site, run it through the process and get your text back. Beware – the site is loaded with cautionary language as it is not yet certified as secure, so keep you sensitive documents to yourself on this one. The developer, Paul Pruitt, kindly points the secure document owner to various freeware available for download that essentially accomplishes the same task locally.

While there is very effective paid software out there to manage this task, Corrupt Office Text Extractor may still have a place in your tool belt – the place reserved for immediate, free fix of a non-sensitive corrupt file. Thanks Paul!


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