– Revisited

Remember That other Twitter curation tool I talked about here in the Studio a while back? If not, don’t worry – just hit the link right here. is an awesomely ingenious web app that allows you to collect, curate, share, embed and otherwise work with tweets around bundles – groupings that you tag or label. has its own community and stream – you can subscribe to others’ bundles and create your own, which others can subscribe to. is still in invite-only beta. I finally got my invite and started playing with it today. Check out my bundle below.

If you like what you see, the fine folks at gave me three invites to share. Drop me an email on my contact page and the first three to do so can join in the fun.



Keepstream: Keeping Tabs On Your Stream

Content curation. I can’t say it enough. I love when someone else does the expert curating for me, but sometimes if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. Keepstream (link here) helps you do just that with a particularly untame-able source – Twitter and social liking activity. Keepstream, a free web app – simply sign up and authorize your Twitter, allows you to create collections of favorite tweets. But it doesn’t just work for tweets. It grabs Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and more (soon will be automatic, now manually). Use the bookmarklet to collect web pages as you browse. View and manage your collections from a single, simple dashboard interface.

And here is the cool: share or EMBED them in a blog post or web page. You can gussy up your own content with relevant, related content created by others, updated as you update your collection! Great way to show the conversation around a topic of interest. Just click the embed button and use the associated widget to present the content. It currently works with Blogger, Squarespace, Typepad and WordPress self-hosted blogs, but more are on the way. Wow – such promise, you say, but how do I use it? Founder Tim Gaspar has his own suggestions – check them out:

  1. Showcase positive feedback or mentions of your brand.  An example –
  2. Grab highlights from an event hashtag!  Or just from any hashtag.  An example – Another example (we got to high-five Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead!) –
  3. Integrate some tweets you’ve posted lately into you blog.  That way, even if your blog readers aren’t following you on Twitter, they can still see some of the best posts!  An example –
  4. Add some related links of interest to the end of blog post – so that your readers can see some additional resources!  Readers love it and other bloggers appreciate being linked to.  An example (scroll down to the bottom :-D) –
  5. Posted a bunch of photos, videos, and tweets during an event?  You can put all the links in one place – in a Keepstream collection – to make it easier for you friends or followers to view them.
  6. Collect links around a topic – either for personal research, or to share with your network.  An example –
  7. Do a tweet chat or a Twitter interview!  Check out this awesome interview of Adrian Grenier, the actor in Entourage –
  8. You have to admit, making sense of the morass of web content and sharing is a top priority for anyone seeking to use the Web to its full potential. Check out Keepstream, as well as my own curated list of tech tweets below: