Do Your PowerPoint Presentations Need Help?

I am by no means a whiz at crafting PowerPoint presentations. I know enough graphics, layout and the basic rudiments of working in PowerPoint to struggle through the creation of a serviceable deck. However, it takes me a great deal of time and, with time being money and all, it gets expensive, if you catch my drift.

Enter Jazz Presentations (link here). This site is all about PowerPoint. In addition to a wealth of “how to” blog posts that give great information for the do-it-yourself crowd, Jazz also offers very affordable PowerPoint templates that take much of the labor out of the process. Jazz also has a slew of great HTML email templates too – very visually appealing and professional. Their pricing is great, mostly less than the cost of a WordPress theme.

Check out some of their nice PPT designs:

Here are some of their email templates:

Nice work, Jazz!


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