New Way To Show Off Your Giant Brain: Collected Links

Anyone who likes to shorten their shared link URLs (pretty much anyone who uses Twitter and needs to constrain their characters), has their favorite URL shortening service. Mine has been (link here) from the get go. is great because it is easy to copy and share your link right from their main page. Then you can track your click throughs and get all sorts of great stats about how others have used your share, as well as shares by others of the same source material. You can even get a QR code for your short link. Geeky cool stuff for those who want to know what’s happening with their social sharing.

Now has rolled out a new feature: you can collect and share up to 100 separate URLs with a single short link. The landing page for your collecting link is more than just a list of the individual links. You get rich media previews of pictures and videos, powered by related company (link here), a service that converts your links into embeddable content. The end result is a far more useful collection of resources than a stream of unconnected tweets on your Twitter profile.

Collect your favorite news stories for the day. Or maybe collect your favorite legal resources. How about your favorite intellectual property blogs? Then share them with a single URL and and do the rest to make your work shine in the way only a nicely executed web tool can do.

Check it out. And if you do, please share your collected links in the comments – I love a good resource!


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