Watch Your Career Branch Out

If you need a visual reminder of the gnarled limbs of your career, head over to (link here) and check out their “Build Your Own Career Tree” tool. Using only your LinkedIn profile for both seedling and fertilizer, you can “leaf” the work to Branching Businesses and grow your own virtual “tree” built from the boughs of your job history. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you can use a form to fill out the relevant data to graft your tree. You can also explore the career trees of other famous people. Check out the roots of your professional career with this fun visualization tool.


2 comments on “Watch Your Career Branch Out

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  2. is the same concept but built out to be saved, utilized daily, and is forward positioned to help future business development and job search, not just previous work history. It’s great to see Facebooks power used for true utility rather than farming crops.

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