Sharing Is Caring

Social behavior on the Web is, to a large extent, about sharing. Virtual sharing is really no different in principle from sharing in real life – you just get to use some snazzy tools to do it!

I thought I would feature a couple of relatively new tools to just that end: SharedCopy (link here) and (link here).

SharedCopy is a web annotation tool that allows you to markup, highlight, draw on, sticky note, annotate and share any web page. It is essentially a bookmarklet that activates with a single click while you are on a web page. Download the bookmarklet here. No registration is required to use the bookmarklet, but you get more marking tools if you create an account. Type, highlight or draw text boxes, circles or lines. The account also allows you to collect your marked-up pages, while the free account allows you to only see your markups when you visit the marked-up page. Share your mark-ups with others by sharing the URL of your annotated pages. Share via social networks, on your blog or via email. You can get an RSS feed of your mark-ups and others’ comments, as well as tools that allow you to save to PDF or “read it later.” is a superfast web-based file sharing tool that allows you to share any number of files, no matter how large, within seconds. It is really amazing – no uploading wait, just select and share. Works in your browser without a local download. Get statistics on the items you share. You can use the site without an account. Send emails from’s site to avoid the problem of email attachments being too large. And, if you have an account, you can get email replies on the site as well.

It shouldn’t tax your strategic muscles to much to come up with some clever ways to integrate these tools into your web research, social sharing and annotating activities. Combining markups with my more traditional bookmarking sites seems a no-brainer. And sharing files quickly, with analytics in a most simple interface will certainly streamline my social sharing and collaboration efforts. Check these tools out – would love to hear what you think about them.


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