And Now For Something Completely Different: Planely

Bringing social to the next level – at 35,000 feet to be exact. Planely (link here) is a new social application that finds your friends on your flights so that you can connect and share the glorious experience of airport navigation, TSA and in-flight fun. Go the site, add your email and name, enter your flight information and Planely will tell you who else is traveling with you on the plane and at your departure and arrival airports. Planely connects with Facebook for easier friend-finding and I expect they will expand on this aspect in the future. And Planely allows for messaging with friends before the flight, so you can beging that networking process before you even get there.

As I don’t have a flight currently scheduled right now, I can’t check this out for myself, but the idea seems pretty cool. There are lots of ways to spend your time while traveling, but meeting up with social contacts and business contacts while waiting and flying seems like a great way to combine both business and pleasure.

If you do try Planely, I would love to know your experience with it.


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