Got iPhone? Get Lawyer!

For everything, there is a season and for every need, there appears to be an iPhone app. LexisNexis filling the “void” this time with its for iPhone app . Find lawyers, ratings and reviews in the app, searching by Name, Practice Area and Location (current location or otherwise). Lawyer ratings are exclusive to You can reach out and touch the firm or lawyer by email from within the app, get a map and driving directions to the lawyer’s office, access law firm history and office profiles, and share lawyer profiles with your contacts. While much of this can be done from within Safari’s browser anyway, it is hard to imagine a creative use for this app. Unless you are the sort to find oneself on the wrong side of the law at a moment’s notice and need to make that one phone call STAT!

For fun, check out LexisNexis’ other app with the lengthy if not accurate name, Get Cases & Shepardize and make sure your cases are still good law while on the go provided you are a current LexisNexis subscriber.


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