Give Yourself An Interview

Not content with the “exposure” you can get for your professional skills in the usual online haunts? Tired of simply pasting your name, email address and social site URLs in yet another directory? Need something that sets you apart from the maddening crowd?

How about giving yourself an interview and posting the results for all to see? New site Whohub allows you to do just that. On the surface, Whohub is a social network, geared to professional interests. But Whohub does this one better: it guides you through a series of interview questions designed to help you promote who you are, what you do, and what you can bring to the table, professionally. Whohub also optimizes your interview answers for search engines, helping you convey your information to the virtual world. Or, use Whohub’s script to embed your interview in your website or blog site of choice. Use your Whohub personal URL as another social link and use the Whohub site itself to discover other professionals and connect with them.

When you start on Whohub, you designate your field of work. Whohub then presents you with questions that relate to that field. There is a “law” category in the list.  There are at least a dozen unique questions to choose from – you can pick one or all or any number in between to answer to create your interview transcript. Choosing your questions and answers carefully will result in a tight “give and take”-type description of who you are and what you can do.

You can expand your profile with your current projects and, as noted, search for other professionals and connect on the site. Or check out the site’s job board – searches are free, postings are paid. Visit the forums and answer some questions to highlight your expertise, LinkedIn-style.

It never hurts to leverage a professional social network’s reach. And, at Whohub, get a little souvenir in return – your own, personal interview!


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