Morph Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Resume

Why reinvent the wheel? If you don’t feel like tweaking your LinkedIn profile and then tweaking your resume, why not just turn your LinkedIn profile INTO a resume? Now you can – LinkedIn Labs has just released a new tool called Resume Builder (link here), which allows you to turn your profile into a resume.

Log in with your LinkedIn account and give the app access. The result is a nicely-laid out version of your profile, resume-style, in PDF, printable format. Choose from more then ten different templates and download the result or host it on LinkedIn’s site.
Easy-peezy. Takes all the fun (angst) out of resume-building.

3 comments on “Morph Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Resume

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  2. The resume builder is smart but is better (also with LinkedIn import) as it give me a full CV and a multiple CV option to target my CV for each job, full privacy control and I also found a netprofile option with a password protectition – I wants (and recommend you) separate between your relationship network and the people I share my CV with

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