What Will They Think Of Next? Print From Gmail Via Your Phone

Google, ever vigilant with respect to the ways and means for improving its products and the mobile interface, is now offering its Cloud Print functionality from your mobile phone. You still need a computer, but you can direct printing from your phone, via that computer, to your connected printer. Simply power up Gmail via mobile and Cloud Print you are most of the way there. Before you can get the goods, you need to connect your primary printing PC (Windows for now and Mac OSX and Linux coming soon) to Cloud Print. Then, got to gmail.com from your iPhone or Android browser and choose “Print” from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. You can print certain email attachments as well, (such as .pdf or .doc) – simply click the “Print” link that appears next to them.

Right now, this is available US English only. Its rolling out, so keep checking back. How cool is THAT? Check out more in the  Google Cloud Print help center.

Via the  Official Gmail Blog.