Need A Cite? Point Your Phone At It with QuickCite

After you have used Topicmarks to narrow and parse your research sources, and after you have drafted your scholarly paper, you may find yourself needing to create a bibliography. No doubt about it – bibliography creation can be a little bit tedious. But now, there’s an APP for THAT! QuickCite (link here) is a mobile application for iOS and Android that reads the barcodes on the books that you are citing and sends you back an email with the proper citation for the resources. The app examines online databases of books to find the cites and currently supports MLA, APA, IEEE, and Chicago formats, with plans to add Harvard and BibTex formats in the very near future. Since the app uses ISBN codes, it won’t work with journal articles (or anything without an ISBN code for that matter), but the developers are looking for ways to address that need.

Sure, there are web pages that can do the same or similar tricks, but if you find yourself out at a REAL library, with only your phone to defend yourself, QuickCite offers a neat solution to citation collection and formatting.