Memolane – Record Your Social, OnLine Trail

Web socialites create a great deal of content across social services and blogs. There are many ways to back that information up, but few offer the grand overview of your history. There could be benefit in getting that overview in a format that is easy on the eyes.

Memolane is a unique new application that seeks to slot your social activities – blog posts, videos, Facebook posts, travel, Tweets, social photos and check-ins – on a scrolling timeline. Connect your services to Memolane, hit the button and get a timeline of your activity. What’s more, you can search your timeline so you can quickly navigate to the spot where and when you spoke to someone about something. Search for your friends and connect with them, so they can see your grand picture as well. And, you can create “stories” from your Memolane memos, inviting others to participate in those stories. This results in a form of collaborative “scrapbook”, perfect for shared experiences across social networks. Read: conferences, like SxSW.

Memolane is a brilliant, forward-thinking tool overlaying traditional Web 2.0 tools and making them far more useful. As we become accustomed to using social services as we travel through the real world, accessing points on the graph will get more and more difficult. Memolane seeks to solve that problem with a beautiful interface and useful result. It’s that cool.


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