Going Mobile? Keep Me Movin'!

Any excuse to quote a Who song. Some sobering (or exciting) numbers depending on your point of view: mobile usage and applications clearly are set to boom. Business Wire reports on a study released by ABI research that postulates mobile app downloads are expected to surpass the 44 billion mark by 2016. Android and Windows 7 are steadily gaining traction and the number of smartphone and tablet options are ever increasing. With 3 billion downloads from the Android Market and over 10 billion from Apple’s App Store, we are well on our way to ditching traditional software / hardware systems for specialized, single use apps in an ever-changing, infinitely customizable format. Apps are easy to install and use and then uninstall when no longer useful. Developers that aid users in finding the gems amongst the hundreds of thousands of options will hold a special place in users’ hearts.

Apps are being used to generate revenue in and of themselves, as well as promote other business interests, services and networks. Ignore the huge demand for mobile tools at your peril – people everywhere are going mobile!

Image courtesy of the atlantic.


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