The New WordPress iOS App!

Back a couple of weeks ago, I posted about blogging on the iPad, using two great apps Blogsy and Superstash. I mentioned in that post that I originally tried using the proprietary WordPress app on the iPhone but was very unsatisfied with the results. There have been a couple of updates since I first tried using the app for actual blogging, but I hadn’t been tempted to return to it. Until now.

Today, the WordPress app has been revamped and been rendered a lot more useful for me. Behind the scenes, the developer worked hard to make the app less buggy. But that is not what has me so excited. The app has added some very nice new features, including a Quick Photo feature which allows you to snap an image and immediately post around it within the app. Even better is the new Stats integration – no more using mobile Safari just to check who is hitting what on the Studio on a daily basis. You either have to be using, or have the Jetpack plug-in installed on your self-hosted WordPress blog to get the stats, but that is no problem – the Jetpack plug-in is an awesome add to your blog in any event. You can access comments and pages in the new WP app as well.

It is a great improvement, but there is still room for more. Like a WYSIWYG editor – typing out the HTML is a total drag. That is a feature that Blogsy has all over the WordPress app. Nonetheless, WordPress still offers stats, which is alone a reason for me to open this app regularly.

Mobile blogging just got better! Well done, Automaticc, and here is hoping for even more slick features in the near future.


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