Primadesk Offers Another Cloud Management Option

I talked about Joukuu, a local cloud management tool, and how to get a pile of free cloud file storage in a previous post. Another option for the management task is Primadesk. Primadesk is a web-based tool that  operates like a file management system, albeit composed entirely of the contents of various popular cloud file storage sites. In a single window, you can easily drag and drop files between services or from web to desktop and search your entire cloud storage. Access a document by clicking on it, and the appropriate service will open in a new tab, with the document showing. Because it is web-based, it works across platforms and mobile devices. Store all types of files, images, videos and hook up your emails for a single monitoring vantage point. Offers a password manager, with single log-in. And can back up your data to another storage site. There is a Primadesk photo manager app for iPhone, too. Free and beta right now, so why not get in on the action?


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