This Is Why I Love The Internet (UPDATED)

It’s little treasures like this that make me smile and keep me coming back to the Interconnected Internet to see what new wonder I might behold. For Les Paul’s 96th Birthday, the Google doodle was a fantastic playable and recordable guitar. It was so clever and so much fun, I spent far more of my time playing it than I could really afford to do. And why did Google do it? Well, just to be cool, I suppose. I like it almost better than my 1978 Les Paul Standard Gold Top. Almost, but not quite.

What will they think of next?

“This Land Is Your Land” arranged and performed by Martha Sperry on Google-tar.

UPDATE: because of the unsurprisingly huge popularity of this little “toy”, Google has decided to give the Les Paul doodle a permanent place on the Web. +1 to THAT, Google!