Free, Online Grammar Tool – After The Deadline

I have mentioned a few of these automated editing solutions in the Studio before, but this one is worth a mention if for no other reason than it is FREE. It also works by bookmarklet, which I think is pretty cool. After The Deadline .   Hit the jump and access the Demo tool on the web. Paste your text in the box and hit the “check” button. You will see underlines where potential errors may lie and a click on the underlined term(s) shows the reason for the flag. The tool checks spelling, style and grammar, with color coded underlines for each change. If the quick explanation isn’t enough, you can get more from the “explain” link. There is also a bookmarklet and an extension for Chrome, and an extension for Firefox, a plug-in for Windows Live Writer, and a downloadable plug in for OpenOffice’s word processor. Very nice indeed.

If you have Jetpack installed on your WordPress blog, you are probably familiar with this tool – it is the dedicated grammar checker included with the plug in.

Check it out – it’s free, after all.


A Real World "Like" Button

Want to ramp up traffic and connection via your Facebook page? Why not install a real world “like” button at your office, trade show or event you attend? Use the service Spotlike to have a QR code with link to your Facebook page for free, stick that puppy up in plain, real world view, and your colleagues, clients and customers can scan the code with their mobile device and go directly to your Facebook page. Take advantage of the here and now. Pretty clever, if you ask me.

The Internet in 60 Seconds

Don’t blink.

Hat tip to MSNBC and Shanghai Web Designers