What Do You Love, Google?

Google is always coming up with surprises. Whether its peremptorily slashing a product from its line up, or quietly slipping out something new and shiny, there always seems to be something to talk about. Take, for instance, the new site www.wdyl.com. Navigate to this beta-like page and you are greeted with a search box surrounded by white space and the caption “What Do You Love?” Enter your search term, click on the cute little heart button and you will see a series of search results in boxes on your chosen topic – one box for each Google product. You will see pictures, get Alerts, find related Patents, get products, see Trends and Sketchups, email (or should I say Gmail) about the subject, see videos, search books, and translate the terms into 57 different languages.

I love search mashups – speeds up the process when you can access more than one search engine at a time. This is a great start – with all of Google’s searching power, a one-stop-shopping approach might prove a valuable tool. I would love to see them add Blog Search and News, as well as Scholar boxes to the page. Hopefully, this one will survive Google’s arbitrary chopping block.


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