The Advocate on Alltop

If you need to find me (oh, duh, you already did) you can now find Advocate’s Studio in the Law category on the great blog directory Alltop. I have followed Alltop feeds for years – lots of great stuff. And their directly actually lists some pretty cool blogs, so I highly recommend it as a place to find new, awesome content for your reading pleasure. Thanks Alltop!


Social Media ProBook – Resource for Power Users

Every so often, these social media companies come out with a free resource to get you to pay attention to their expertise. That isn’t a bad thing – you can often get some great, free information or, at the least, jumping-off points for more study if so desired. Eloqua is one of those companies that sell revenue generation using new media and the Web and they are savvy enough to turn to some real experts in the social media realm for their very slick, graphically pleasing new tome: The Social Media ProBrook. You can download this eBook and perused at your pleasure. Whether you believe there is such a thing as a “social media expert” or not, there are definitely gems in this book. Check it out and get Social Media – smarter. And check out their blog post introducing the resource here.