Yes You Can Take It With You – On Google, Anyway

One of the real benefits of Google+ is the fact that your content is yours and you can move it out of + if you decide to vacate the premises. Not so much on Facebook, which makes it virtually impossible, or in TwitPic for that matter, which retains rights to share your photos with media outlets.

The means for pulling your content out of Google is aptly called Takeout and it doesn’t just apply to Google+. It can be used to export contacts, Google Buzz messages, Picasa Web photos and Profile data. The resulting data file is open and portable and, thus, usable. With one click, you can get the goods from Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums and Profiles.

The service is brought to you by the Data Liberation Front, an engineering team at Google who focused on the methods for moving data in and out of Google. Hit the jump to their page to get more information on how to get your stuff in and out of a host of other Google products. Now that’s pretty cool.